Sierra Leone’s rap artiste, Amara Denise Turay (Kao Denero) continues with his musical concert right round the country with his latest being a jam packed stadium in Moyamba last weekend.

Kao Denero-Sierra-Leone

The rapper continues with his trail of packing stadia after his December 12 Concert at the National Stadium which saw close to 40,000 fans at the concert.“I packed the stadium once again the reason why they mad …” He posted this on his facebook page after his stadium show. That musical concert became the first after the declaration of the end of the Ebola Virus Disease. Ironically, the rapper was the first artiste to have been affected when Ebola struck. He had already featured Jamaican dance hall mogul, Busy Signal on a track titled ‘Ghetto struggle’ and was slated to perform live at the National stadium.

Kao Denero has been at the top of his rap trend and has been credited to be the most consistent with his genre. Unlike other artistes that only concentrate with their concerts in the city, Kao continues to break the cord anytime he is around. “Black Leo we are taking a different model by doing our concerts in places and by extension taking hip hop to the cities, districts and chiefdoms. We’re taking hip hop to the rural communities and it’s been massive,” Black Leo manager, Alhaji Osman Wurie aka Sizla stated.

They have gone as far as Kailahun, Port Loko, Bonthe Island (Mattru Jong), Moyamba. Kao was over the last weekend in Moyamba “Last nite show was lit. Moyamba showed the team luv. Another packed stadium; we’re on to the next one” Kao posted on his facebook page.

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Publicist for Black Leo, Kojo Banks explained to this medium that the concerts have been credible and that it has been a packed stadium wherever they went. “We are bringing the music to the people and we’re touching all areas of the country by bringing excitement to our people. Black Leo, the nation’s favourite”, he said.

Kao Denero’s concert continues in the provinces as evidenced with this post “Will like to apologise to my Makeni fans for the promoters not updating you guys about the show date shift to Feb 6th. Sorry for the misunderstanding.”