King of Sierra Leone Hip Hop music Amara Dennis Turay, widely known as Kao Denero has disclaimed ongoing rumors that He has been relegated from his newly acquired 2015 Range Raver.

Kao Denero-Range Rover 2

While the rumors were been circulated across several social media Forums, the pop star refused to comment, rather, He continued with his nationwide tour where He recorded massive success.

According to the report being circulated, Kao Denero lost his ride after failing to meet the arrangement and payment of the said Range Rover.

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Sources alleged that Kao Denero only made part payment, $19,000 of the $27000 worth Car, owing a balance of $8000. However, the owner who could not condole Kao denero’s delay in fulfilling the final payment decided to take his car back.

Kao Denero-Range Rover

“I can’t take this anymore, give me the key and see me tomorrow for your money”, The Freetown based Business Man was alleged to have said before driving off.

However, Kao Denero has debunked the report after sharing picture of himself and the Range Rover yesterday.

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“Wetin Now?”, Kao Denero wrote as he posed in front of the shinning and well polished car.

Some have said that the Pop King was truly deprived of the Car and He has just been able to get it back through funds from His tour. Others are of the opinion that the report was completely false and the Pop Star used the Car during his tour.