Sierra Leone’s Rapper, Amara Denis Turay, popularly known as Kao Denero, emphasized in his most recent hit single that the forthcoming national elections of the country in 2018 is a time for citizens to vote for fresh faces, to effect the real change that will develop the country.

Some of those closer to Kao Denero are not surprised at his passionate endorsement of the Ex- UNIDO Boss and former Chairman of UN Energy – Dr. Kandeh Yumkella (Photo), at this critical time in the country. Kao has been very upset with the increasing rate of youth unemployment in the country.

Last year Kao disagreed strongly with the Internal Affairs Minister who said the prevailing rate of clique and gang violence in the country is a form of domestic terrorism.

For Kao, the youths are likely to cause unrest because of their lack of hope that their bread will be buttered tomorrow, and to worsen their hopelessness the communities and the country as a whole were rejecting them.

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While everyone hailed the “5-O” Minister Palo Conteh for testing the gallows in the face of the condemned-youths, Kao was on various Radio and Television stations in the country appealing to government to provide growth centers where the youths can learn skills.

Dr. Yumkella once said “when people lose hope, they do bad things”.

Unfortunately, for Kao those pleas did not simply fall on deaf ears, he was further ill-branded as the pioneer of the gang violence, and thus was maltreated by the state’s security apparatus.