An internal memo sent to the KKY Movement Worldwide on the topic “New Operational Guidelines for KKY Movement Chapters” signed by Dr. Kandeh Yumkella himself has been leaked to the Global Times Newspaper.


In the leaked memo, Dr. Kandeh Yumkella called on all KKY Movement Chapters to “Set up audit committees and undertake a full audit of funds raised and expenditures made so far”.

He added that any new KKY Chapter to be established must seek approval from the Freetown Office before they are established.

The New Jersey Chapter Chairman of KKY Movement, S.K. Bayoh has fired back, insisting that, instead of raising such issues up, Dr. Kandeh Yumkella should have shown appreciation to his Chapter for “Our financial support towards the Lower Level Elections, which was contributed by dedicated members with very strong allegiance to our Movement“.

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We have decided to publish both Memos to demonstrate the level of disagreements in the KKY Movement.

See memo below…

New Operational Guidelines for KKY Movement Chapters Worldwide

As a follow up to my message to the KKYM membership a few weeks ago, I wish to provide the operational guidelines below. I have consulted very widely to arrive at these measures and strongly believe that they will enhance the credibility and effectiveness of the movement. I wish to restate that it is critical that we harness the full potential of the broad support base of the Movement which spans across several continents, and we must make full use of its valuable intellectual resources. To this end, it is necessary to improve its internal coherence so as to ensure that all chapters focus on the core purpose of the Movement and also communicate consistent messages aligned with the vision my vision of good governance and accountability, hope, opportunity and transformation. We must serve as an example of the type of leadership that we would like to see in Sierra Leone and must be inclusive and receptive to differences of opinions. Within the above context, I wish to request that all chapters of the KKYM implement the actions listed below during the next three months. This exercise will enable us to establish a global database, assess available resources and publish new operational guidelines and a code of conduct. I have asked Ambassador Dabor to establish a 3-man committee to monitor the implementation of these measures. Chapters not in full compliance will be dissolved.

1. All KKYM chapters must submit their list of members and their executive committee list to Dr. Martin Gbonda in the Freetown office by June 30, 2016.
2. All chapters should submit a report of activities undertaken in 2015 including minutes of meetings where possible. An annex of planned activities for 2016 should also be included.
3. All chapters should set up audit committees and undertake a full audit of funds raised and expenditures made so far. The audit reports should be sent to Mr. Mohamed FOFANA who is an accountant by training.
4. New KKYM chapters must seek approval from the Freetown office before they are established.
5. All new fund raising events must comply with laws governing such activities in the countries where the chapters exist, and they must receive authorization from Ambassador Dabor. Request for such approval should be accompanied by a one page concept note stating the purpose of the event, expected level of funds to be raised, intended use of the funds, and internal control measures to ensure accountability and transparency.
6. All Diaspora chapters that are more than 1 year old must present plans for conducting open elections this year (except if their current executive is less than eight months old). These fresh elections should be held by October 1, 2016 and current officers are eligible to run for any posts. The intended dates for such elections should be communicated to Dr. Gbonda in the Freetown office.
7. Contacts in the Freetown office are Dr. Martin Gbonda, Secretary General (, and Mr. Mohamed Fofanah, Deputy Secretary General (
Guidelines on media engagements will follow soon.


Sir reference to the above, concerning how the KKYM should conduct its affairs, I have these personal opinions below to share with you;- Firstly this noble Movement was established as a voluntary campaign entity with the singular goal to ensure you Alhaji Dr. Kandeh Kolleh Yumukella elected not only as the SLPP Flag Bearer but subsequently as the next President of our beloved country Sierra Leone.
FROM MY PERSONAL OPINION this Movement should have its Head Offices worldwide to facilitate good governance with its main Headquarters in Sierra Leone. These Head Offices should coordinate the affairs of the Movement with the Main Headquarters in Sierra Leone. This will ensure the Movement to have effective dynamics, chemistry and operate very productively. Addressing your concerns sir, you stated that all chapters MUST submit their membership / executive lists by THE 30TH OF JUNE 2016. (Precisely this is less than two weeks from now). Sir, this Movement is presently at its embryonic stage and we are VOLUNTARILY using our resources, energies and our precious schedules to ensure its growth. Mandating us (MUST) to work within this time line, will defeat our goals which will inevitably make us lose some of our potential and dedicated members in the future.

Secondly, you requested that all Chapters should set up AUDIT COMMITTEES and send the reports to Mr. Mohamed Fofana who is an Accountant by profession. Sir the Chapters here are of different strengths and contribute voluntarily. With this situation, we need an enabling climate to be assured of fiscal success. This approach you are proposing will not yield our desired expectations.

Thirdly the time line you gave to hold or conduct elections by the 1ST OF OCTOBER 2016 will NOT be feasible, considering our present capacity and schedule. Agreeing on these specifics should require our collective participations and consultations. It should be our responsibilities to choose a convenient date, time and venue. Unilateral decisions and pronouncements will not be the best approach for any healthy Movement. Honestly as Chairman of the New Jersey Chapter, I was expecting your acknowledgement and appreciation of our financial support towards the Lower Level Elections, which was contributed by dedicated members with very strong allegiance to out Movement.

Finally, my proposal for good governance: I would like the KKYM Headquarters in Sierra Leone to forward all CONCERNS, PROPOSALS AND ANY OTHER SALIENT MATTERS TO KKY CENT COM or alternatively to any SUPREME BODY of your choice. This body will then forward such matters to all Chapter Heads in the diaspora for deliberation and action.
From our Leader, Alhaji Dr Kandeh Kolleh Yumkella.