Kandeh Yumkella and other members of his Alliance were shown the exit door at the SLPP National Executive Council (NEC) meeting at the party’s headquarters yesterday, Saturday 4th June 2016.

Yumkella-SLPP 2

According to unconfirmed reports by Yeabu Bangura, Kandeh Yumkella and his fellow alliance members who are not eligible to attend the NEC meeting because they do not meet any of the party’s criteria to be NEC members went to the party headquarters but was disgracefully shown the exit door.

Many SLPP NEC members were baffled how could Yumkella and his alliance members who are contesting to lead the party, do not understand SLPP party structures and the qualification to be a member of the principal administrative organ of the party.

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A surprised NEC member said about Kandeh Yumkella “This is one of the reasons why many political parties do not allow new members who do not understand about the party to lead them because they will not only embarrass themselves they will also embarrass the party.”

Other Alliance members who were at the SLPP headquarters and shown the exit door included Alpha Timbo, Munda Rogers, Franklyn Rogers and Dr Tengbeh . At the SLPP main entrance, Kandeh Yumkella and the Alliance members called for the attention of the national chairman but Chairman Kapen told them “I am sorry”.

Party members gathered outside the party headquarters praised the party officials for following the rules not to allow members who are not qualified to be part of NEC to attend the meeting.

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A young party member said “The party is now waking up that we have to be serious about discipline and obeying party rules. What these flagbearer aspirants did today is what is causing problems in this party because they are not setting good examples to us as young people. They knew they are not qualified to be part of NEC they should not have come to the entrance to cause noise to enter. Such behaviours show why some of their supporters are lawless and causing problems in this party.”

Kandeh Yumkella and his alliance members left the national headquarters dejected and embarrassed while many ordinary party members standing around could not stop laughing at the embarrassment.