The former UNIDO boss Dr. Kandeh Kolleh Yumkella has agreed to join the Chairman and Leader of ADP Mr. Mohamed Kamarainba Mansaray on a global tour to sensitize Sierra Leoneans both home and abroad about the dangers surrounding the MORE TIME campaign.

Kandeh Yumkella And Mohamed Kamarainba

President Koroma they said is expected to leave office in 2018 no matter the call for him to stay in office after his tenure by some harbingers-cum-sycophants.

KKY and Kamarainba said “It’s immoral and unethical politics to engage in an unconstitutional act. We should strive to defend the collective interest of the poor and bring back morality and ethics into our politics”, they said.

Adding, “We are engaging on Anti- MORE TIME tour simply to get the masses to understand their own situations under this regime. We will continue this campaign until the President himself comes out to stop it. We are not convinced with the statement made by his Vice President”.

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He added: “Again, its probably possible for the President to deny that he did not asked his Vice to admonish people call for MORE TIME”.

They two leaders disclosed that on the 13th February 2016 they will unanimously launch a campaign against MORE TIME in Washington DC United States of America. And on the 27th February this year at the Miatta Conference Youyi building Brookfields in Freetown.

Kamarainba and Dr. Yumkella said the microscopic few who hold the view that, their continual survival and relevance is hinge on President Koroma’s unconstitutional stay in power beyond his mandate slated to end by 2017/2018 is a great threat to the country’s hard-won peace and nascent democracy.

These two leaders believed that after the ten (10) years given to President Koroma, another ten years will still not be sufficient to solve even half of the country’s problems.

Quite contrary to the mono-focal reasons given by the campaigners of MORE TIME that President Koroma should be allowed to complete his ongoing selective infrastructural work.

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Both Leaders pointed out that President Kabba’s tenure opened the way for some of the things President Koroma is doing now and comparing them is a waste of time because both President operate in two different contexts.

Dr. Yumkella and Kamarainba believe in the capacity of the people to make change which is why they are optimistic that change is possible. Sierra Leone, they agreed cannot in this 21st century revert to a de jure one-party State. “We have to sacrifice for the future generation” they noted.