Following the outcome of the Sierra Leone’s People’s Party Lower Level elections which left members of the Kandeh Kolleh Yumkella KKY movement occupying about 60 percent of the party’s positions at zonal and constituency level in the country, the movement’s presidential aspirant Alhaji Dr. Kandeh Yumkella has reemphasized on the need for the main opposition to be united as one.


Dr. Yumkella made this disclosure in an interview has with this medium on the outcome of the SLPP Lower Level Elections, which is the beginning of the party’s process to electing a flag-bearer candidate and national officials ahead of the 2018 National Elections in Sierra Leone.

Speaking further he said the success of the KKY Movement must be attributed as a win for their All-flag-bearer Aspirants Alliance in the party, noting that they made so much efforts to getting the party’s membership across the country ready for a positive change in the party.
He contested the election’s outcome in Freetown, where individuals perceived to be loyalists of the party’s former flag-bearer in the 2012 Elections Brig. Maada Bio won most of the positions.

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“Give yourself sometime and wait for the leadership to collate the result accurately, it is not possible for our Alliance to be defeated in the Western Area where we are all residents and stronger, Bio’s supporters might defeat my movement, but he cannot defeat Lawyer Timbo, John Benjamin and me plus others in the Alliance join together” Dr. Yumkella said confidently. He added that such a unity-mindset is what is needed in the SLPP at this time for the party to start taking on the ruling All People’s Congress constructively on national policies.

“This is time we need to talk more about how the APC has racked our economy and let the people know how men in government are getting richer by the day, while they go to bed hungry with their children who have been denied quality education” He stressed.

He said for the past three months he interacted with people from most parts of the country and he experienced the urge of Sierra Leoneans for a change and how much they look forward to a redeemer providing that for them.

Therefore he said the SLPP as the main opposition in the country, they should to take advantage of that opportunity and be together now before a third force arises.

One of the Principal financiers of the KKY Movement Lawyer Janet Martha Musa, a Sierra Leone Lawyer resident in London described the outcome of the lower level elections as a great news which she receives with so much joy.

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She said most of them in the diaspora want to return home to building the country, hence they are supporting Dr. Yumkella a former United Nations diplomat with great records of developing countries around the world to become President of their country in order to save them from being part of an improper system.

Lawyer Musa revealed that one of their serious challenge, is having Dr. Yumkella winning the flag-bearship of their party, given the fact that Brig. Bio is very popular in the country.

However she said the outcome of the lower level elections is an indication that their aspirant have greater chances of winning the flag-bearer contest, and their three years work on ground has not gone in vain.

She commended the SLPP flag-bearer alliance for the resilience they have so far shown for the party to stand upright with its constitutionality. However she appealed to them to support Dr. Yumkella for the party’s flag-bearer, this she said is because with him the party will easily win the 2018 Presidential elections.

Similarly another KKY financier in the US, Madam Alberta Nicholas thanked members of the movement in Sierra Leone particularly the Leadership for their support which got them thus far in the political landscape of the country.

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She said the lower level elections result is very encouraging, however she said this is no time for them to jubilate, taking into considerations how volatile and unpredictable is the game of politics. “There could be a change at any point, so we should not let our guards down for even a seconds until Kandeh becomes flag-bearer” Alberta cautioned, adding that, even that should not justify their complacence, for their desire is having the Presidency for the good of Sierra Leone. She said defeating the APC the ruling party would not be an easy task for them to achieve, therefore she said most of them in the diaspora should be thinking of flying down to Sierra Leone to propagate their good news for the country.

“It is not enough to send the sum to the movement in Sierra Leone, but also to be ontve with the grassroots ont the ground” She said noting that with that victory would be theirs in 2018.