The lacklustre SLPP flagbearer aspirant, Kandeh Yumkella and one of his once vocal supporters, IJ Kabbah are at loggerheads over $50 million dollars which was promised by Kandeh Yumkella for his flagbearership campaign.

KKYM - Kandeh Yumkella

In a strategic meeting held few days ago in Freetown amongst senior KKY Movement members, Kandeh Yumkella complained that IJ Kabbah has not been fully cooperating in his campaign and has recently failed to join any public appearance with him including his tour.

A very angry Kandeh Yumkella told the meeting that when Usu Boie was contesting IJ Kabbah was seen everywhere in public with him. Kandeh also played the tribal card during the meeting by suggesting to IJ Kabbah that she supported Usu Boie wholeheartedly because they are both Madingos while he is a susu.

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Responding to the complaint, IJ Kabbah told the meeting that Kandeh Yumkella promised to fund his campaign with $50 million dollars but since the campaign started Kandeh Yumkella has failed to show a penny of the $50 million dollars.

IJ Kabbah told the meeting that when the campaign started many individuals including herself have been spending their personal finances while Kandeh Yumkella has not shown any sign of the $50 million dollars. She said that she has been in politics longer than Kandeh Yumkella and she would no longer want to risk her political future on empty promise.

The meeting ended with other senior members sharing IJ Kabbah’s sentiment about the promised $50 million dollars which made Kandeh Yumkella very uncomfortable throughout the meeting.

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It can be recalled that at the start of his campaign, supporters of Kandeh Yumkella were boasting of $50 million dollars for the campaign which was alleged to have been donated by a Mexico business man and friend of Kandeh Yumkella.

A senior source also disclosed that another reason for the failure of IJ Kabbah to appear in public for the past months with Kandeh Yumkella has been related to the issue of Running Mate as Kandeh Yumkella has promised three individuals – IJ Kabbah, Yasmin Jusu-Sheriff and Bernadette Lahai.