Hundreds of community members around the Kambui Lebanese International School along Blama Road in Kenema where on Wednesday 2nd March 2016 streaming into the school compound to see the reality of the just released BECE result for the school.


Most of the pupils who got their results from the internet within the campus were shouting above their voices, calling the attention of the public as they are the best in the country for this year.

Displaying their results to the public, the following results were recorded by Awoko: Maya Hassan Morowa with aggregate 6, scoring grade 1(Excellent) in all the eight subjects; Sima Skaikay Amin with aggregate seven, scoring Excellent (1) in seven subjects and with 2 in Language Art, Danny Adel Koussa with aggregate 8 and Jaward Zahraa Munzer with aggregate 14 and Mustapha Khazeem with aggregate 20, among others.

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Addressing pupils and parents at the school campus, the Principal of the Kambui Lebanese International School Kenema, Mr. Mahmoud Mouslimani thanked the parents for the support given to their children, describing their pupils as future leaders and for the pupils for their efforts in passing the exam.

He called on the parents to continue giving their total support to their children and called on other pupils to emulate the good example of Maya Hassan Morowa, who he said is a pride to her family.

Talking about the magic behind the success of the school, he explained that when he took over the school as principal nine years ago, he brought in certain changes thereby setting up a five year plan in order to break the educational mark in the country.

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He said within the six years of his principal-ship, the school has twice taken second position in the country in BECE result with aggregate seven. But this year his school hits the mark by taking the first position in the country with someone with excellent passes in all eight subjects something he said the Ministry of Education Science and Technology is aware of and has commended the school for its excellent performance.

He said the five years strategy he put in place divided the teaching syllabus into teachable units from nursery to primary 6, JSS 1 to SSS4. He said he recruited more qualified teachers and equipped the library with enough teaching and learning materials; above all, he went on, he paid the teachers on time and motivates them at all times. “Now we are just two years into the five years plan set and hope to do more in the years that lie ahead.”

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He said the school administration is in cordial relationship with the parents and guardians with every one playing their bit in ensuring that the correct thing happens.

As a principal, he constantly ensures his monitoring mechanism by making sure that the pupils don’t stay idle but to constantly engage the library.

He said the Lebanese Committee Chairman, Amin Skaikay and the School Management Committee Chairman, Mr. Alie Badawi always check on the school and its activities.

The principal encouraged the parents and guardians in the eastern region and Kenema in particular to send their children to the school for quality education regardless of tribe, religion, race and political belonging.

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The pupil, Maya Hassan Morowa, in her statement, said she is not surprise about the result as she has always been a good student from nursery, primary and now targeting the Junior Secondary School.

She said she put aside all other activities that will detract her attention from studies, such as having less to do with her mobile. She promised her parents and the school to continue making the mark in life, adding that she will dedicate to her school whatever award she will get because the school made her what she is. She called on her colleague pupils to make their books their friends.