One of the country’s most vociferous politician at the moment, Mohamed Kamarainba Mansaray, leader Alliance Democratic Party (ADP) has in an exclusive telephone interview said that the legacies and reputation of Parliamentarians are on the line, because according to him Mohamed Bangura’s appointment by President Ernest Bai Koroma is in violation of the laws created by the House of Sierra Leone Parliament.


This comes following media and administrative protest letter against Mohamed Bangura to the Speaker of House of Sierra Leone Parliament, Hon SBB Dumbuya.

Mr. Mansaray said that he was reliably informed by the National Electoral Commission (NEC) Boss Nfa Alie Conteh that Mohamed Bangura did contest the 2012 elections.

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According to Kamarainba Mansaray, Parliamentarians must be independent from the inferences of the Executive.

Mohamed Kamarainba said: “there is one thing about Parliament, it is not about condoning what the President is doing all the time; this President will leave in less than two years. Most of these Parliamentarians are future President, Ministers and what have you of the country, whatever it is, they may need positions in the future.

Their legacy is on the line, if they see the truth and just ignore it because they want to please the President, this President is going to leave and their legacies are going to be on the line, so it up to them to go ahead and do whatever they want to.”

He however admitted that without having power it will be hard for him to make change but noted that; “all that I can do is to unleash the Sierra Leoneans and the international world for them to know that I am not here to just oppose but to stand for the truth. If they don’t do that, then I can take the matter to the Supreme Court.”

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When this press charged Mohamed Kamarainba that he might just be venting out a vendetta over the government because they failed to give him the APC membership and presidential ticket or appointment, he said that President Koroma has called him twice and he has not picked the call adding that he is not here for the President to give him job but to contest for the President’s job.

He noted that his complaint was channeled through the Speaker because he is the political head of Parliament and he should take it on with the appropriate Committee.