In the wake of Sierra Leone Government’s refusal to reduce the pump prize of fuel, the national Chairman and Leader of the opposition Alliance Democratic Party (ADP) has on Monday February 8, 2016 accused the ruling government of conspiring with fuel dealers to cheat on the citizens in the country.


“Oil Prices have tumble below $30 a barrel, APC Government is using prizing when the crude oil was about $80 a barrel, It is pure recklessness” said Kamarainba.

He made the statement in an Exclusive Telephone interview from his United State of America residence yesterday.

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He claimed that the APC government has no sustainable economic policy and has failed to effectively implement the reforms needed to improve on the economy of the country. He maintained that no economic and development policy would succeed without effective leadership, accountability and transparency.

The ADP Chairman and Leader also noted that President Koroma and the APC government has failed the people and country. Our country’s economy is extremely weak and tailored for 3% of the highly connected. The lack of sustainable employment in Sierra Leone is pathetic and worrisome to say the least. We need a robust economic policy that works for all Sierra Leoneans.

Explaining further, he said commodities in Sierra Leone never goes down even though the market favors the consumers. “The President and his administration doesn’t protect the interest of the poor”.

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Mr. Kamarainba Mansaray urged President Ernest Bai Koroma and his APC government via the petroleum regulatory agency to reduce the price of petrol liter to Le2,000 effective March 1st.

“Treat the people with utmost care and respect. Reduce the pump of fuel price” he concluded.