The leader and Chairmen of the Alliance Democratic Party (ADP), Mohamed Kamarainba Mansaray in an exclusive interview told Salone Times that Sierra Leone will be ungovernable for all if parliament dares pass the secret bill that disqualifies unelected members to be President.


Kamarainba furthered that there is no democracy in the world that says only elected members are qualified to be Presidents, adding that the thought of Sierra Leone Parliament in that direction is a way of destroying the fabrics of democracy in the country.

He noted that if the ruling party thinks it fit that they want to elect members of parliament from their party to be president, they should enroll such clause into their own constitutions and leave the national constitution to decide who is to be president.

The astute politician pointed out that if Members of Parliament want such bill to become law, they should have presented it to the Constitutional Review Committee, but secretly passing such bill into law is a recipe for chaos.

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Kamrainba said he would not have made a comment on the said bill because parliament has not made any statement about it yet, but he chose to set the record straight since the message is coming from an insider.

“That bill will only become law when some of us are dead or thrown to exile”, he said.

He accused the current Vice President, Victor Bockarie Foh and the then Information Minister, Alhaji Alpha Khan of giving directives for the passing of the bill into law.

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He noted that parliament must not be regulating itself with a very poor judgment, and that every parliamentarian should consider the status of their people before making judgments.

Few weeks ago, Honorable Dixon Rogers, Member of Parliament from Pujehun District was on the good morning show programme on Radio Democracy informing the country that parliament wants to pass into law a secret bill that disqualifies unelected Sierra Leoneans not to be president.