Chairman and leader of the Alliance Democratic Party (ADP) has on Sunday 5th June, 2016 during a phone call interview with Awareness Times Newspaper slammed hard on the competence of two presidential front runners of the main opposition Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP)-Maada Bio and John Oponjo Benjamin.


He made this submission whilst criticizing the two leaders on them involving youths during the recent violence in Kenema, which claimed the life of one 32yr old Mohamed Karim and left two others in police custody.

Mr. Kamarainba Mansaray said “the major role of a political party should be to unify people of all regions of the country,” adding that “SLPP has seriously misused youths”. He said, the recent violence that erupted between two of their leading Presidential aspirants for the 2018 election is a complete disappointment, stating that it is indeed disgusting to see youth as perpetrators and as victims of gang violence.

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Mohamed Kamarainba, who claimed to have been in Kenema town on the 27th May, 2016, when the violence took place between supporters of Mr. John Oponjo Benjamin and Maada Bio, said the SLPP leaders need to be investigated for misusing the vulnerability of youths, who see them as political icons.

Furthermore, According to Police AIG East, Alfred Karrow-Kamara, who also spoke to Awareness Times Newspaper, the violence ignited from a political disagreement between supporters of Maada Bio and supporters of John Oponjo Benjamin in a peacemaking meeting at Sinava Guesthouse, Kenema Town. He said, that led to the killing of a 32yr Mohamed Karim, who happened to be a supporter of Mr. Benjamin.

However, in a press release issued on Saturday 28th May, 2016, Maada Bio “unreservedly” disassociates himself with the violence. He said, he condemned the killing, referring to it as “unacceptable, unnecessary and unjustified”. He called for the killer to be punished.

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Similarly, Mr. John Oponjo Benjamin, in a press statement dated 27th May, 2016, said “as police investigation proceeds, we urge the SLPP leadership that was present in Kenema at the material time to institute prompt internal investigation with the objective to identify any culprits for appropriate disciplinary action in line with the SLPP Constitution.”

In addition, Mr. Kamarainba, whilst commending the police for their swift and timely intervention in addressing the issue, urged them to take a robust stand in investigating the issue. Thus, he was calling for all the culprits to be brought before the law, because he said youths are essential parts of the society that should be treated with respect.