On Thursday June 2, 2016, Sierra Leoneans in Marmpa Chiefdom hailed the 2018 Presidential Candidate for the Alliance Democratic Party (ADP), Mr. Mohamed Kamarainba Mansaray as he embarked on a ground breaking campaign in Ward 172 constituency 050, Lunsar Town in the PortLoko District.

Port Loko Bye Election 172 Candidates

ADP supporters from all over the district turned out in their large numbers and Okada Riders in Lunsar also shuned commercial activities as they turned out to listen to Kamarainba who was in the district to kick-off political activities for his Local Council candidate Mr. Ibrahim K. Turay.

Kamarainba urged the residents of Lunsar to distance themselves from the ruling All Peoples Congress party (APC), because according to him, they have woefully failed the people with deceptive politics.

“The APC and SLPP had deliberately failed this nation. APC for instance, want to drag us back to the ugly bad days.? Do you like to go back to the old days?, the Presidential hopeful asked as people chorused a loud ?no?. ?
The Presidential candidate who appeared bold and confident affirmed that ?only the ADP can guarantee and secure Sierra Leone’s security and unity at home and abroad.

“Both traditional parties had failed the people of this country, therefore, you all must be mindful in any electioneering process not to cast a single vote for them,” he warned.

He accused both parties of ?telling lies on the social media? and he promised to build more schools with free education for primary and secondary pupils if voted into power for the first time. He promised to create sustainable jobs for the district as President come 2018.

He told his audience that it was necessary at this time in the country for the people of Lunsar to determine their own destiny by voting for Ibrahim K. Turay the ADP candidate in the Local Council election on the 11th June 2016.

He reminded the constituents that power belongs to them and not the rulers, adding “eliminate the existence of APC in Lunsar, because they have even failed to protect your interest in the mining companies which have collapsed without given your benefits.”

Kamarainba explained that the collapsed of the various mining companies that have been operating in the district was as a result of bad mining agreements and exploration policies made by the ruling APC led administration.

He continuously reminded the people in the township at various locations that President Ernest Bai Koroma led-APC government has failed Sierra Leone and that there was no need to continue with them.
He asked card carriers of the APC to disown their party for the benefit of the country.

In his keynote address, the ADP candidate for the Local Council Election, Ibrahim K. Turay informed the constituents that he was a son of the soil who was born and breed in the district.

He disclosed that he was once a community school teacher and presently the Public Relation Officer (PRO) of the Commercial Bike Riders in Lunsar town and that he had served the people in various capacity.

Mr. Turay appealed to his people to join him to kick the APC out of power, adding that it was a big blessing for the Chiefdom having been awarded the symbol by his party to contest the Local Council Election.

He begged the people to vote him into the Council, vowing to win the election with their support and by the power of God.

The would-be councilor continuously informed his audience that he was a young man who deserved to be trusted and tested for the first time and emphatically begged the people to vote solidly for him.

Thousands of ADP supporters and several others expressed support for the Presidential hopeful and his Local Council candidate and made promises to help them realize their political ambitions.

Others at the ADP campaign rally were Saidu Kalokoh Financial Secretary, Alimamy Kamara PRO, President of Friends of Kamarainba Mohamed Bangura, ADP chairman and chair lady in Lunsar, and many other executive members.