Hon. Regina Marah the All People’s Congress (APC) female Member of Parliament representing Malema, Mandu and Dia Chiefdoms in Constituency 05 in the Kailahun District has categorically said that the notion that Kailahun is the stronghold of the opposition Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) is not only false, but non- existent.

Regina Marah

According to her “the National Electoral Commission has conducted two bye elections and the APC has won all-which makes it a proven fact, that the ruling All People’s Congress Party now have supports and representation in Kailahun, thereby nullifying the fairytale.”

“In some places like Constituency 05“, she added, “I can boast that the APC is stronger than the SLPP, because I (Hon. Regina Marah) am an APC member representing Constituency 05 in the House of Parliament. “I defeated the opposition candidate put up by the SLPP.”

Addressing members of the All People’s Congress (APC) Washington, Maryland and Virginia (Metropolitan) Chapter at 1640 New Hampshire Avenue Hyattsville in Maryland on Sunday 2016, at a meeting well attended by its members, Hon. Regina Marah said “i was in New York for a meeting on Gender and later decided to attend this end of month APC meeting in Maryland, to get the feel and share the love of APC, and also give an update on the happenings of politics in Kailahun District, eastern Sierra Leone.

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“Let me reiterate, “President, the concept of Kailahun being the stronghold of the opposition Sierra Leone People’s Party(SLPP) is non- existent. “Kailahun is not a stronghold of the opposition Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP).

“I am Hon. Regina Marah a female member of Parliament in Sierra Leone representing Constituency 05 in Kailahun District under the banner of the APC. So, where is the stronghold?

According to her, President Ernest Bai Koroma had transformed Sierra Leone from a country of imagery to realism. “There is evidence of development everywhere you go in Sierra Leone.

“In Kailahun district, we now practically experience governance: the people of Kailahun now directly benefit from good governance. Kailahun District have better roads, improved living conditions, Water, Access to banks and improved access to agricultural activities.

We now have easy access to Freetown the capital through government transportation systems. “All of these were lacking before the advent of President Ernest Bai Koroma and the APC.” Said Hon. Regina Marah.

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She admonished her female APC party members from dillydallying and encouraged more women to come forward and participate in politics.

Earlier, Amr. Mrs. Rasie Kargbo Sierra Leone’s State Chief of protocol (SCOPE) advised the gathering to “Put aside their differences and work collectively as a united family”

Ambassador Mrs. Rasie Kargbo, said she was at the meeting as a civil servant and an observer at the invitation of Madam Beatrice Conteh President of the APC Washington Metropolitan Chapter.

In her address, she preached peace, love, unity, sincerity and oneness of purpose to the general membership. She said President Ernest Bai Koroma takes pleasure in seeing his people live in peace and harmony.

Amr. Mrs. Rasie Kargbo admonished Madam Beatrice Conteh to be more tolerant with the general membership and must prepare to accept the blame for the ugly and share praises with the general membership for the good.

“Respect each other, work as a team and continue to be a formidable force. “Don’t shelve issues under the carpet.

“Where ever and whenever there are indifferences and challenges, please try as best as possible as an executive body to get resolution through dialogue and where necessary, form a committee to judiciously look into issues and proffer sage advises.” Said Amr. Mrs. Rasie Kargbo. Adding, “Differences among brethren are inevitable.”

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She said challenges are among siblings of a single parent, let alone you are from different backgrounds who only came together out of love for a Political Party. “Please bear with one another.”

She gave a vivid example citing the teeth and a tongue in the mouth, wherein “the teeth can give the tongue a bloody bite: but at the end of the day, both of them remain in the mouth. “In most cases, after the bite, the tongue will begin to apply caution in its movement in the Mouth and the Teeth takes its time to chew.

“So, challenges are inevitable and prevalent everywhere.” She called for patience for each other and admonished them to refrain from vices that will negatively impact on the oneness of the party.