A-15 year boy Abubakar Mansaray alleged to have stolen thirteen chickens in the Kondebotihun Section of Kenema city made his first and last appearance at the Magistrate Court in Kenema presided over by Magistrate Alhaji Sulaiman Koroma charged with one count of larceny.

Court - Gravel

According to the Police Prosecutor Assistant Superintendent of Police Sahr Didi Lahai attached to the Legal and Justice Support Department at the Kenema Police Division, the accused on 9th October 2016 at No. 2 Patrick Samu Street in the Kondebotihun Section in Kenema city, broke and entered into the store of one Moses Gbouma and stole therein thirteen (13) live chickens valued at Le 520,000 (Five hundred and twenty thousand Leones).

He was charged with the offence of larceny contrary to Section 26(1) of the Larceny Act 1916.

He pleaded guilty to the offence without wasting the court’s time and was then sentenced to 18 months imprisonment with no alternative and to be served in the juvenile remand home in Bo.