There was high drama inside the precincts of the Chambers of the Chief Justice of Sierra Leone past Tuesday 20th March after the frail and shrinking All Peoples Congress party, which is still shaking its wrinkled tails after it has been overwhelmingly rejected by the people of Sierra Leone in the first round of elections, filed a highly bogus case with the High Court of Sierra Leone praying for the coming runoff elections to be postponed to give time to the infamous more timer, Ernest Bai Koroma to steal time that no longer belongs to him.

After the filing, the next step was for the Chief Justice to assign the matter to a judge but lo and behold, when judges who were around at the time heard about the more time case, fled in droves knowing pretty well that the matter is a non starter. The judges were well aware that the APC party, which is now on the back foot after it was rejected by over 57% of the popular vote, just want to unnecessarily delay the runoff through by tricks using the Sierra Leone Judiciary as the means of achieving that aim.

The case was finally assigned the next day Wednesday to Hon. Justice Mansaray who heads the elections court.

The case itself is strange coming from a failed outgoing political party which, over the past ten and more years in office, brought untold suffering on the lives of majority of the people of this country, introduced tribalism and regionalism and polarized a country that prides itself in ethnicity tolerance with a lot of intermarriages between tribes with no cause for complaint; a country in which, before APC, was living in harmony with no signs of tribalism among its peoples.

But the emergence of the APC has spoilt all that for the people. Sad that people who used to live together in harmony and love, now see each other as protagonists. People who used to sit sup from the same table are now suspicious if each other. The division created by APC is becoming more pronounced everyday. APC tried to create the atmosphere that they are good while all others are bad.

When the failed APC was engaging in its dirty acts it never thought that its day of reckoning was coming when it shall be placed on the balances and judged according to its dirty works. It ran riot, going on a looting spree with high forms of thefts and criminality not caring a bit about the feelings of the masses of the people. All it banked on were its so called 99 tricks to rig elections but the people will never again accept any criminal rigging from the despotic APC regime.

The APC knows this so it has shamelessly gone to court to stop the elections from proceeding so that the party will continue on its looting spree.

Asking the courts for an interim injunction is highly shameful coming from a ruling party that the SLPP handed over power to, gracefully.

The injunction has to fail because the application will not reach the thresholds required for the granting of an interim injunction.

The country is currently at a standstill as people wait to see the conclusion of this election. Schools, businesses, are all standing still. One of the thresholds considered from the American Cyanamide case, is public interest. In this case Justice Mansaray will ask himself if at all it will serve the public interest by delaying the runoff. It will not so the judge will be at liberty to throw this rotten case out.

In fact the initiators of this case must be really sick in their minds to think that the Judiciary will buy to the APC ploy to take a nation backwards for its own selfish end.

Again, the question must be asked if at all this silly matter is a matter for the High Court or the Supreme Court. The APC is highly confused because The Glory of God has departed from the party. It can no longer think straight because of the wages of its sins, almighty sin. Unpardonable sins!

President Koroma, as is clearly evident now, wants to continue in power until he is dried in the sun but he is fooling himself by nursing such an idea as the people will rise up against his more time idea. The voices of the people have been heard loud and clear by the whole world that Sierra Leone no longer needs APC.

Case or no case, APC, your time is up so pack up and say “adios”. Go you must and go you surely shall.

Sierra Leone has rejected you so accept defeat and go in peace and may your gentle soul rest in perfect peace.

The APC’s foolish case is adjourned to tomorrow Friday. By Pastor Mohamed Sesay