Abdul Sesay, a journalist was arrested and brought in for a stolen sensor car keys at Youyi Building Police Post, Freetown.


According to Sierraloaded sources, the above named journalist who works with a reputable media organisation was among others in a conference at the 8th floor.,Youyi Building.

It was gathered that after the meeting ended, attendees left and one person forgot his key in the hall but unfortunately when came back to get his keys, he can’t find it.

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The man immediately reported the matter to the Police Officers at Youyi Building Police Post, without delay the Police mount a quick investigation and announced to those that are in the meeting about the lost of a car keys but they all denied of seeing such keys.

The Police then crossed check the digital CCTV camera and found out that the keys were stolen by the journalist. Abdul Sesay was arrested and placed in cell,while the case is under investigation.