A call for investigation of Joseph Kamara (Attorney General and Minister of Justice) vis-à-vis an accident at Rogbereh which incidentally resulted in the damage of a government vehicle worth $120,000.00 (over eight hundred million of Sierra Leone’s money) dominates minds.


Reports state that Minister Joseph Kamara, on a Sunday (non- working day), had used his official vehicle while on a trip up country, later involved in an accident and therefore rendering the vehicle damaged- beyond repairs.

The civil society, media and concerned citizens have asked for the investigation of the accident and answers to questions adjoining the Minister’s trip- whether such was official or it was his right to use government vehicle on non-working day (Sunday).

This, however, has seemingly ignited a nonstop and topical debate by persons using the social media, weeks after the incident (accident) took place.

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Concerned Sierra Leoneans have called for a post-mortem of the accident, where possible bring to book Minister Joseph Kamara (if found wanting) for making Sierra Leone loses over eight hundred million of its tax payers’ money just like that.

Sources say police visited the scene of accident minutes after the unpleasant event, but up until now have done nothing required of them as enshrined in both the traffic rules and regulations of Sierra Leone.

Joseph Kamara Accident

It is a fact unconcealed that the damaged government vehicle was procured at the cost of USD 120, 000. 00 (correspondingly over eight hundred million Leones) but got damaged and beyond repairs less a year of purchase.

Until now, there has not been any announcement from government, explaining the nature of the Minister’s provincial trip, or making clear whether such was ‘official’ or ‘private.’

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The police are yet to also come clean by letting the people know the cause of accident, who was at fault, and whether they intend offer charge (s) against the Minister or driver in control of the vehicle his vehicle collided with during the accident.

Unconfirmed revelations have it that at the time of the accident, Minister Joseph Kamara was using the vehicle for a private expedition to Tambaka, north of Sierra Leone, to witness a burial rite when regrettably he got involved in the accident that resulted in the destruction of a vehicle bought using taxpayers money.


Public interest has questioned the integrity of Minister Joseph Kamara, who, years back, has had a free-for-all moment checking the misuse of public properties even as he formerly served as head of the Sierra Leone’s Anti-Corruption Commission.

And that now that he is the Attorney General and Minister of Justice, it is but expected of him to do things to the respect of the laws of this country and not on the contrary.

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Suppositions revealed nonetheless that Joseph Kamara seems showing interest for the leadership of the ruling APC and for the Presidency of Sierra Leone come 2018.

This, many say, should have seen him be an example in heartedly explaining the nature of his provincial trip on the day of the Rogbereh accident, and whether he was truly on an official or private move, and/or was right to have used a government vehicle on a Sunday- a non-working day.

The Rogbereh accident, over the weeks, has seen people necessarily questioning the presumed Presidential intention of Joseph Kamara, linking same to the incident that led to the accident at Rogbereh and, of course, the damaging of a government vehicle, which apparently has seen the woeful loss of hundreds of millions of society’s taxpayers’ money.

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Ever since it was reported that a government vehicle assigned to the Attorney General and Minister of Justice was involved in an accident, there have been concerns from mainstream and social media users, who time countless, have asked for an explanation concerning the state of affairs of four people reportedly rushed to the hospital for medical treatment shortly after the accident took place.

But as we go to press, not much is said about their condition or whether they have been responding to treatment or discharged.
They say Minister Joseph Kamara has resorted to using his private vehicle but at the fuel expenditure of government.

The question in lips of number of Sierra Leoneans speak about the fact that the Minister ought to have used his private vehicle for the Sunday trip (that which resulted in an accident), thereby saving government from losing millions of its taxpayers’ money as it is now.