Prospective presidential aspirant for the All Peoples Congress (APC) John Bonoh Sisay has disclosed that he has been holding an APC party membership card since 2006 and has been very active in support of President Koroma’s presidency since 2002.

“When I hear people commenting on my membership I always laugh because I was not in mainstream politics so they think I am just joining the party. My first membership card of the party was in 2001, but I lost it and I had to register again in 2006 and have been a fully paid member to date.”

John Sisay maintained that he does not think there should be an issue of whether you are joining the party now or earlier. For him, what should be the main crux of the matter is the personality’s record, intelligence, vision, innovation and charisma to be the perfect replacement to President Koroma.

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The former CEO said his experience in working across Africa and making Sierra Rutile so viable that Illuka came out to buy the company means that he has all the qualities to rule Sierra Leone.

Questioned about comments that he is a cousin to President Koroma and that the presidency should not be a family property, the former Rutile CEO burst into laughter saying the presidency has nothing to do with family but rather competence.

“George Bush Senior and junior were presidents of United States, father and son. It was because both of them were competent that is why the American people voted them into the highest office. Néstor Carlos Kirchner and wife Cristina Fernández de Kirchner husband and wife were both elected presidents of Argentina and they excelled, the list goes on, so why can’t I succeed President Koroma if I am competent. Family ties have nothing to do with leadership, but intelligence and competence are what is important.”

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Politics within the party should not be a do or die affair he said as the party is bigger than all of them. He stated that they must control their supporters and listen to the chairman and leader of the party as he is the father and will guide all of them through.

Asked whether he will leave the party if he is not chosen as leader, he said that will never be an option because without the leadership he has been in the party and will continue to be in the party after convention and they will work towards winning the elections.

“I am confident of being the next presidential candidate of the party and will work with all my brothers who have shown interest so that APC will win in 2018 and we will continue with the Agenda for Prosperity to make Sierra Leone a developed nation.