Chief Executive Officer (CEO), John Bonoh, has announced that after serving Sierra Rutile Limited (SRL) diligently for over 10 years, he is calling it quits at the end of November. Sisay said on Wednesday November 23, “I have done all I could to make the company better than it was. Today, Sierra Rutile is the largest sands producer in the country and the company has the most viable mines in the country. It is time for me to move on and go into my public life.”

John Sisay-Sierra Rutile

John Bonoh Sisay, MBA, has been the Chief Executive Officer at Sierra Rutile Limited since February 3, 2009 and its Executive Director since March 10, 2008.

When asked if he will be going into politics, the CEO said he is entering public life politics or personal investment he will consider as the days go by. Sisay said he’ll take a tour around the country, talk to people and get other’s opinions. From there, he will decide what he will do next.
Sisay made it very clear that he thinks Sierra Leone needs small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). That, he says, will definitely develop the country especially at this time when the economic challenges are severe.

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“The mining sector will not make Sierra Leone rich, but we the people will. The world is moving at a faster rate in technology, but Sierra Leone is still lagging behind. Sierra Leone must push upwards to be in the same level with other countries.”

Sisay said if the economy is viable, the health and education system will develop and the more we can produce and get more Sierra Leoneans employed the easier it will be for the government to get more taxes and spend less on foreign exchange because most of what is being imported today would be produced locally.

Sisay said he is leaving Sierra Rutile in good stead and have made sure that when Illuka takes over they will not have problems with the current management staff, even though they are Sierra Leoneans, but they have the same skills and knowledge of the experts they might want to bring.

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When asked if he will go into private business, Sisay said that will be in his public life and said he is sure that will be a good idea for him to invest locally in the country.

He informed journalists that the merger between Illuka and Sierra Rutile will be completed by the 30th November when he will exit the scene and start his own public life.