Dr. John Karimu, a leading member of the SLPP , also disagrees with the Yumkella stance and has in fact injected his own condition—Past sacrifice and contribution to the party.



My view on Dr Yumkella’s tribute to our late President Kabbah: By Dr. John Karimu

While there is some merit in paying tribute to past heroes, I am more interested in Dr Yumkella and outlining in detail his own personal contributions and work for the party which his late dad contributed to establishing and building up.

Making SLPP members aware of what he personally has contributed to the party may go a long way to helping him realize his ambition to be the fb of the party we are so proud of.

It is bcos some of us so strongly believe in the SLPP that is why we have in the past and even NOW contributed so much of our hard earned money and valuable time to its survival.

Anybody who requires an independent proof of my resource and other contributions to the SLPP can cross check with our former National Secretary General, J J Saffa…… Let our aspirants now focus on educating us about what they have done to demonstrate loyalty and commitment to the good old SLPP.”

The conflict between Dr. Kandeh Yumkella and the SLPP was exacerbated during a sensitization rally he organized in the United Kingdom last weekend .

The rally has further divided cadres of the party and created more intra-party schisms with social media commentators claiming that SLPP UK /Ireland supporters shunned Dr. Yumkella, while others disputed the story.