Former SLPP Vice President, Joe Demby has reportedly written to the Chairman of the Political Parties Registration Commission (PPRC) raising concerns over the legibility of the party’s national executive to conduct elections or hold party meetings.


According to Joe Demby, the term of the National officers has expired and their insistence to continue holding office and conducting party activities like elections also contravenes a Supreme Court Order which according to him states hat elections for national officers should be done by the National Executive Council made up of ex-officio members of the party.

The former Vice President was angry that he wasn’t invited to the NEC meeting of 8th and 9th January 2016 and according to him, the national officers have exhibited a blatant show of disrespect for other senior members of the party.

He said the current executive had stage – managed the elections of lower level officers for an election slated for the 15th January 2016 to ensure they are in turn elected by these stooges at the party’s national convention.

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“My understanding is that the National Officers whose term ended in August 2015 cannot conduct any level of election in a fair and transparent manner, because: it is those lower level officers that will eventually vote for them to retain their present positions or higher Votes conduct in the meeting were full of irregularities” He wrote.

Joe Demby believed the recent election of some lower level officers of the party was a sham and called on the PPRC to intervene and restore order in a party that is now synonymous to chaos, “mammy” cuss and egocentrism.

It is not clear which warring faction of the SLPP Joe Demby belongs to but his recent reaction further shows the deepening and messy crisis that has engulfed the SLPP.