Former chairman and leader of the main opposition Sierra Leone People’s Party, John Oponjo Benjamin has on Thursday 31st March, 2016, during a press conference, once again vehemently criticized the recent cabinet appointments made by President Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma.

John Benjamin SLPP

Mr. Benjamin stated that the appointments are tribalistic and that the President has brought in people whose characters and integrity are questionable.

He furthered that even qualified people are denied positions for not being sympathizers of the ruling APC party. He stated, most people have been “kicked out of the current government for not being APC member”.

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Mr. Benjamin also added that employment should be the rights of every citizen of this country devoid of political affiliations. He claims a review of regional representation in the new cabinet of President Koroma, shows that out of 23 cabinet appointees, 14 come from the North, 2 from the South, 3 from the East and 4 from the West. He also compared these figure to that of SLPP led government of former President Kabba with the same number of ministers but had 9 from the North, 5 from East and West, and 6 from the south.

Mr. Benjamin stated that the APC government’s policy of projecting tribalism and maginalisation is hurting the people, adding that even the awarding of student scholarship are tribally issued but produced absolutely no evidence to back this latter claim.

It can be recalled that operatives of the APC had recently debunked the claims of Benjamin and the press conference had nothing new added except to reiterate the same claims he had earlier made which had been already debunked.