The Attorney General and Minister of Justice Lawyer Joseph Fitzgerald Kamara, yesterday officially tendered his letter of declaration for the flag bearer of the ALL People’s Congress (APC) to the Secretary General of the party, Ambassador Alhaji Osman Foday Yansaneh at the party headquarters on Old Railway Line Brookfields.

In delivering his letter, JFK as he is fondly called by his admirerers, paid glowing tribute to the founding fathers of the party who have passed away, while at the same time commended the Secretary General of the APC and prayed for those who lost their lives during the landslide and flooding incident that took place in Freetown sometime ago.

Lawyer Kamara thanked His Excellency the President Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma for the opportunity given him to declare his intention for the flag bearer and assured all and sundry that the APC party would continue to be in leadership. He further maintained that if given the flag bearer Sierra Leone would continue to grow from strength to strength.

Lawyer Kamara is not oblivious of the fact that the decision for the flag bearer position of the APC squarely lies with the National Advisory Council NAC and prayed that wisdom prevails amongst the members so that they could make the right choice for the country and people of Sierra Leone. He said people who boast of doing their best for the party have not done the best because they have not done anything for the country.

He also debunked statements made by his detractors that he is a new comer in the APC party, noting that his relationship with the party spanned from 1977 when he was a schoolboy. He said he was one of the staunch representatives of the APC party at Fourah Bay College at a time when others were afraid to associate themselves with the party.

“Where were they when we sacrificed our dollars to sustain the party and those that are now making the loudest noise were nowhere to be seen”? He queried. Lawyer Kamara informed that all aspirants have resolved at a meeting with the President that they will all rally behind whoever would emerge as the best choice, adding that they are all battle tested in the APC.

He said if given the flag bearer he would continue the Agenda for Prosperity and introduce new innovations that would improve the country.

He said he would make sure that politics under the APC continue to be a reality where development is visible, create micro credit for the women, improve mechanized farming, continue to invest in education and create jobs for the youth population.