In a bid to promote the work of Drama and literature in schools,the Sierra Leone Centre for International Theatre Institute has embarked on impacting knowledge on literature to both students and teachers of literature.

ITI Engages Schools

As it deals with both human and societal institution, literature is said to be a living subject existing amongs us in life and in community.

The origin of literature work is always difficult to trace but what exist distinctively is that, the subject is as old as a man.That is why Its inspection started far back in the early years when men and women were singing sungs in farms or other places of work to pass the day’s work easily.Stories were told to teach the essence of morality. It is set down in printed characters for us to read, though some forms of it are performed.

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As it’s always teachers moral essence to help capicitate students and teachers of literature intellectuality,it is on this capicity that ITI has contributed immensely to the development of Drama in Sierra Leone under the dynamic leadership of Mrs.Elvera M.J.Bobson Kamara.It could recalled that over the years ITI has been embarking on training teachers of literature from various Schools on play write and play development in other to help school going pupils participate fully in Drama competitions.

The Institution has hosted series of inter secondary schools Drama competitions and awarding valuable prizes to deserving students all in the name of promoting Theatre world.

Continued promoting their good work, ITI has on Saturday May 21st engaged also School pupils in an invitation to watch “Romeo and Juliet” Film at the British Council Hall in Commemoration of the Birthdate of William Shakespeare.

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In her welcome address, Mrs.Elvira M.J Bobson Kamara the President of ITI and Principal of Freetown Secondary School For Girls said Shakespeare as a World Hero Drama Writer has contributed immensely in the development of Theatre world,pointing out that William Shakespeare, without any doubt is the most famous writer of plays in the English speaking world.She continue that,the Drama Hero writer was born on April 23rd 1566 and departed for the other unseen world on the same day he was born on 23rd April,1616 which marked him 400 years after his death.

She noted that although they are celebrating his 400 years death anniversary,he is not living in the world today but his Dramatic work is living and it will continues to live. Mrs. Kamara added that the artistic work of William Shakespeare has not only created a social knowledge in the world but has contributed holistically in changing the mindset of man, Dramatic work as she stated is an activity that helps to transform the social,ecomic,political and educational growth of any nation.

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She noted the objectives of showing the Shakespeare to a movie “Romeo and Juliet” to school pupils across the municipality of Freetown. One of their objectives as she stated is to raise awareness of the important of good quality education in Sierra Leone, also to create a Shakespeare programme relevant to secondary Schools pupils and teachers as well. And to raise English standard in schools and enhance appreciation among teachers and students of Shakespeare’s plays in the Country.

The British Prime Minister, David Cameron points out that Shakespeare still lives “in our language,our culture and society and through his enduring influence on education”. For in Shakespeare, as Cameron continues “we have one man,whose vast imagination,boundless creativity and instint for humanity encompasses the whole of the human experience as no one has ever done before.”