Sources said yesterday that sacked Lands and Country Planning Minister, Musa Tarawalie is currently at the Lungi Airport heading for Ghana, Platinum Media reports.

Musa Tarawally, Sacked Minister Of Lands

The purpose of his visit to Ghana remains unclear but what is baffling this medium is whether Mr. Musa Tarawalie who is currently under investigation following his sacking is using his diplomatic passport to leave the country.

We cannot tell if it’s a presidential prerogative that allows Musa Tarawalie to continue using his diplomatic passport. What is however clear is the fact a diplomatic passport is a privilege accorded to top government functionaries who lose that privilege immediately they leave office.

Our sources say Mr. Tarawalie’s flight will leave around 5:30pm and he has already gone through all immigration checks at the Lungi International Airport.

We hold nothing against the former Lands Minister but we are equally concerned over this recent development.