The Minister of Defense Rtd. Major Palo Conteh was on Friday elected as President of the Sierra Leone Athletics Association {SLAA} at the Hill Valley Hotel in Freetown.

Palo Conteh

Palo during his youth days was one of the best sprinters in Sierra Leone and he also played football though not to national level.

For so many athletics fans, Palo emerged as a surprise candidate for the Athletics top seat as he was more concentrated about football than athletics.

Before this time he was appointed by the Sierra Leone Football Association {SLFA} President Isha Johansson as chairman to investigate the match fixing allegation which has gone for months without proof.

His appointment came when the FA President got pressure from Sierra Leoneans for the result of the match fixing allegation.

Because of the match fixing allegation several stakeholders and players have been suspended indefinitely.

Palo declared to be the President of SLAA at the time the people were expecting him to do the investigation saying he has not received the evidence yet.

The question now is if the evidence is not available why maintaining the suspension on the stakeholders and the players allegedly involved.

Beside the above Palo was elected without the consent of the executive who according to constitution are to take the members to congress.

Palo and his disgruntled members also went against the advice of Sports Ministry which stated that they should verify the stakeholders first before the election as there was complain about the eligibility of some stakeholders.

The executive of the National Olympic Committee also released a press statement, citing that they will not honor any invitation to be at the congress or approved any executive if they failed to go by the constitution or fail to allow the executive who have the right to conduct election to do so.

With all these questions most fans are now asking is if Palo is the Mercenary hired to destroy Sports in Sierra Leone. The reasons they gave is that he accepted to be chairman for match fixing allegation without evidence just because Isha is his ‘Salone’ sister.

And now he has flouted the constitution to force his way to be the athletics president.

This, the fans said he supported when Isha said that she will be the one to take the members to congress and not her members to force her to congress.

The above situation has brought division in the Sports Ministry as the Minister and his Deputy now have different thoughts about the issue.

Most people believe the same problem in football will be in athletics if the situation continues like this.

To make the situation worst, Palo has said he is the elephant and the only one to stop him is the President of the State.

With this, they said it is clear that he has no regards for the Sports Ministry n the National Olympic Committee.

The other reason why the fans raised this concern is that they believe the present ugly situation will not stop at athletics as they have sensed it to extend to other sports which will kill sports.