One of South England’s biggest unsigned rap star Michael Kamara known to fans as Mikar-The-Vipar or SaloneBoy is gearing up to release his highly anticipated mini album debut “Truuuuu SaloneBoy”.

Mikar-The-Vipar Sweden

According to an unnamed source close to the 24 year old Sierra Leonean born emcee. Truuuuuu SaloneBoy is an album a distraught Mikar started working on since the end of last year. It is thought that the emcee’s trip to Sweden last December was an attempt for him and his estranged Swedish born girlfriend to rekindle their romance.

The source who did not want to be named added “Mikar was head over heels for this girl and trust me that doesn’t happen very often. Mikar has never struggled when it comes to women because his always been a handsome charming joker; However this particular lady was a bit more special than any other girl his come across.

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Mikar was so devastated that things didn’t work out and was inconsolable for weeks. He felt that he’d invested so much time, energy and effort for it not to be fruitful. He once told close friends that this could be the one he spends the rest of his life with”.

The popular Bucks based star who’s had three charting singles and last August became the first artist from Bucks county to top the iTunes world charts has been teasing fans by uploading snippet videos from his upcoming album.

The energetic erratic star who’s renowned for making affectionate love songs such as Feeling This Way, Heart N Soul recently uploaded One More Day; the song contains encrypted lyrics like “I’m running out of emotions and it’s burning me up, feels like my hearts gonna stop, all I need is one more day to break away”

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The rapper also confirmed that he’s been working with up and coming Leicestershire based producer Jupiter and that the debut project will not exceed eight tracks.

(All we can say from our team is that we wish Mikar all the best! We hope and pray that one day he’ll find the right girl that will help mend his broken heart)