Like him or loathe him, there’s no denying Mikar-The-Vipar is one of the biggest Sierra Leone Music future prospect. The UK based rapper is arguably the UK’s most popular unsigned regional star when record sales is put into consideration. The rapper is no stranger to chart success and last year August he became Buckinghamshire’s first artist to top the iTunes world chart.


He burst forth from relative obscurity to being south east England most talked about controversial rising star. His good looks, big muscles, husky voice, and scar emblazoned on his right arm makes him instantly recognizable, but the reason people are hooked on him is much more than that.

The hype started bubbling in 2010 when the Sierra Leone born rapper independently dropped his first single Feeling this way, with long time collaborator Eazy B. Later that year, he performed the song at the world renowned O2 arena, alongside some of the UK’s biggest rap names Wretch 32, Chipmunk (now Chip). Mikar, 25 maintained his regional buzz by doing local shows in and out of the region.

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Mikar’s real explosion in popularity came when he teamed up with Leicestershire based producer, Jupiter for the Truuuuu SaloneBoy project earlier this year. The mini album which the rapper claims to be a warm up project peaked at #06 on the national UK ITunes Album Chart, the album also charted in Spain 34, Italy 68, Sweden 89, and France 95. The husky voiced emcee got wide acclaim with the help of the single “Gimme Love” featuring Eazy B. The album has now been streamed over 150,000 times without the help of the mainstream corporation or media outlets.

He assured fans of bigger things in the pipework, he recently appeared on Tion Wayne’s music video, a popular UK rapper featuring Geko another popular UK rapper. He also uploaded a picture of him and Link Up TV CEO Ade OG on his Instagram page insinuating that his collaborating with the UK’s biggest urban media platform.

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Mikar recently took part in an answering session on his personal Mikar Kamara Facebook page where he read out and answered fans questions. When asked about how he felt about rumours spread about him. “I don’t know and I don’t pay attention to that, I’m sorry. There are a lot of miserable people out there and if your energy is negative I’m sorry I won’t give you that attention”, he responded.

Although he’s relatively quiet about his private life, Mikar’s music has solely focused on love and the gimme love rapper recently joked that his a virgin and that he can’t seem to find love because women don’t trust him.