The Independent Police Complaint Board has released its preliminary findings on the Kabala incident.


According to the IPCB they collected information from different sources which indicate that there was serious confrontation between the Sierra Leone Police and some youth over the proposed construction of the youth village in Kabala.

The Report shows that because of the disconnection between the police and the youth, that resulted to injuries and fatality, adding that pursuant to regulation (9) of the IPCB Regulations 2013 the Board decided to set a team to investigate the Kabala incident, to determine the conduct of the Sierra Leone police, including police personnel who were deployed to the scene that day.

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They stated that information came as a result of the incident, some youth leaders and their members were arrested and charge to court by the police for various offences, whilst intelligence source indicated that some of them had fled the jurisdiction. In line with their search they stated that they have taking standard operating procedures for investigation.

As part of the investigation process, the IPCB has made a writing request to the Sierra Leone police, for document that would help in the investigation, and is awaiting their response. They added that the SLP has always cooperated with the IPCB in the conduct of similar investigation and would rely on that existing cooperation between the two institutions, that they would acquire a finding.