Two ladies from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Madam JF and Madam PK, both of Consular Section of the Ministry have been picked up by the Police and are currently being questioned at Police CID Headquarters over their role in the illegal certification of the TOTALLY UNAUTHORISED letter signed by Alhaji Ibrahim Ben Kargbo.


The letter had stated that it was “acceptable” to import waste matter from Lebanon into Sierra Leone. This however runs contrary to official government policy and international environmental policies.

The letter itself is clearly an unauthorized one and as a sign of the dubious nature of it, the letter was strangely not copied to anyone or any other Ministry, Department or Agency – which is unusual and rather unprofessional for such a letter that claimed to be in the wake of consultations and which mentioned other key ministries in it.

However, it can be recalled that the letter was seen to be certified as authentic with a Foreign Ministry stamp. Madam JF of Foreign Ministry, stands accused of being the one who stamped and signed the letter without first seeking clearance from her superiors.

Police sources however say Madam JF denied knowledge of such as she strenuously denied ever setting eyes on such a letter. She says the signature looks like hers but is not hers.

Meanwhile Alhaji I.B. Kargbo was himself under hot questioning at the CID Headquarters of the Sierra Leone Police as to who authorised him to sign such a letter against government policy and in which capacity? He has since been granted bail.

Also being questioned is a noted Lebanese businessman with initials JTK. He currently manages a supermarket. His boss, another Lebanese man with initials GK who is the owner of the supermarket has been named as the local agent cited in the unauthorized letter that I.B. Kargbo signed without legitimate authority from anybody. However GK himself is said to be out of the country. His family sources say he is denying any wrongdoing.

Lebanese community sources are instead telling this press that their Lebanese members thought I.B. Kargbo was acting in good faith on behalf of the government.

The Lebanese GK also holds investments in Liberia, Ghana and Sierra Leone. It is unclear why Sierra Leone was chosen instead of Ghana or Liberia as the destination for the unwanted waste products from Lebanon.

Meanwhile both the Office of National Security and the Sierra Leone Police are under strict instructions from the Office of the President to investigate the matter speedily and with no fear or favour.