The issue of unexplained wealth in the country is now one of number of discussions in the politics of Sierra Leone.
To this, has seen people now pointing fingers at persons close to the corridors of power including close family members, who, according to source, have become rich over night.

Jacob Jusu Safa, campaign spokesman of main opposition Sierra Leone People’s Party, did not mince his words when asked about unexplained wealth on the part of the Koroma regime.

“Let us begin with the President. Check the number of houses he has acquired in his tenure as president and compare it to what he used to have when he was in opposition,” Saffa self- righteously stated.

He has nicknamed the President as ‘Adebayor;’ meaning that he someone who is in power to be buying almost everything he comes across.

He further opined that the International Criminal court and other financial agencies should investigate him for the ill gotten wealth.

But Abdulai Bayraytay who doubles as presidential spokesperson refuted such claims by the opposition and said “everybody knows the President Koroma was well off even taking over power in 2007.”

That there is no way he would own wealth unexplained when even before his ascendancy to power, was senior executive of an insurance company.

Bayratay admits the ruling APC has challenges in the fight against corruption.

Accusations are that corruption unlike other challenges is at the top and that public officials have had untiring moments accumulating wealth unexplained at will.