“Ultimately, leadership is not about glorious crowning acts. It’s about keeping your team focused on a goal and motivated to do their best to achieve it, especially when the stakes are high and the consequences really matters. It is about laying the ground work for others’ success, and then standing back and letting them shine” Chris Hadfield.


Here we are! Blessed with the hopeful alternative to our cries. Several years ago, during the reign of our forefathers, their wish was to see Freetown which is Sierra Leone’s capital at the front line leading all towns in the drive to exhibit exemplary virtues. Has this dream of our forefathers been actualized?

By the Local Government Act 2004 (of particular importance is section 4 & 20) which makes for the provision of the establishment and functions of every council in Sierra Leone. It is seen that the Freetown City Council has a key and pivotal role to play in terms of uplifting the standards of Freetown to ultimately meet modern standards.

We need a Freetown City Council that will fully complement government’s effort in empowering the socio-economic sector by boosting the educational, agricultural, governance and health sector thereby providing nutritional services to school-going pupils, creating a modern agricultural platform that could send jobless youths to the farm, lessen the expenses involved to seek good and proper health from various hospitals and peripheral health units, making yearly provisions of school materials to pupils, increasing affordable scholarships to the less privilege pupils and students, affording better strategies to socially protect all residents in Freetown and to create an enabling environment for innovation and youth empowerment schemes. All these can be achieved based on who we entrust to lead us as a Capital City.

A mayor must ensure that Freetown City Council represents the values you cherish. Values like: tolerance, compassion, pride in our differences, respect for democracy, cooperation. Those values are shared by all Sierra Leoneans.

Fellow citizens, with Prince Harold Thorpe we will work together to bring those values back to Freetown City Council. No matter which party one serves, we can put aside our political differences and work together to achieve real change. We can prove that the cynics are wrong!

Humility is a very attractive trait in a leader. It is the antithesis of hubris, the excessive, arrogant pride which often leads to the derailment of some corporate heroes.

Mark W. Merril said: “Humility does not mean you think less of yourself. It just means you think more of others”. That’s precisely what Prince Harold Thorpe illustrates in his daily life.

You deserve change. And for that, we need to do more than to block the conservatives. We need to replace them. It is not the first time for Mayors to bring major changes in our society. It means something is broken and we need to fix it.

It starts with a vote-your vote. And so we are calling on you to mark your ballot-come that day when the Moses Prince Harold Thorpe who will liberate us from the plights that had long befell us will need your vote.

Together we can do this.
We can show that; Here, your priority is job creation for the vulnerable youths, the environment and peace. Here, we dare to use words like “change”, “hope” and “progress”. Here, we dare to look beyond old politics and have the audacity to ask for something better. Here, we dare to look cynicism directly in the eye, and have faith that the best has yet to come. And especially because there is so much to do.

The time has come for someone appropriate to take on those responsibilities. Prince Thorpe is ready to take on this challenge!
It cannot be done without you. Let’s work with him together. Let’s roll up our sleeves and start the work right now. For better will surely be possible with Prince Harold Thorpe as Mayor of Freetown City Council.