Famous Sierra Leonean singer, Innocent, has reportedly likened President Koroma to the animal leader in the novel Animal Farm.

Innocent Sierra Leone

This is contained in a song making rounds on WhatsApp believed to be sang by the versatile singer.

The money making machine Records singer made this comparison while expressing his displeasure with the leadership style of President Koroma especially on his handling of the Ebola funds, the people he has appointed to leadership roles and his failure to tackle corruption.

Animal farm is a novel where animals, led by some pigs, chased away the human minders of the farm, took over the helms of affair and turned round to inflict untold hardship on other animals, killing some, maiming others and generally making life difficult for their subjects.

In his new song, Innocent is blaming Adebayoh (President Koroma) for the troubles the country is going through presently.