Sierra Leone’s Energy Minister has assured consumers that the fire outbreak at the headquarters of the power supplier authority would have no negative effect on electricity supply.

Henry Macaulay

Speaking Wednesday, a day after fire burnt down the fifth floor of the six storey building which houses both the Energy ministry and the Electricity Distribution and Supply Authority, Minister Henry Macaulay said despite losses in the form of furniture everything else was intact.

The minister said that power supply could not be affected by the incident because the third floor, which housed the servers, was untouched by the fire.

The fire broke out early morning on the day and raged on for almost 14 hours before it was brought under control.

As a result, part of Siaka Stevens Street, the most popular street in Freetown, on which the building is situated, was cut off from traffic for the most part of the day.

Since 2012, Electricity House, as the building is also called, has caught fire every year. This has prompted speculation that crooked officials with reason to destroy evidence of corrupt acts may be responsible.

But Minister Macaulay told reporters that only investigations can tell the true story.

He cautioned that the age of the building may also hold clue to the cause of the fire. He said the public must wait for the conclusion of ongoing police investigations.

“The matter is under investigation. We won’t leave any stone unturned, but we must also take note that the building is old and has suffered damage during the civil war,” he said.

There has been no word as to the monetary value of assets lost to the fire but officials say it is a huge loss, mostly furniture.