Without doubt, there are high indications that ‪Sierra Leone‬’s President, Ernest Bai Koroma intends staying beyond the mandatory constitutional period of February 2018.


This indication emerged as the President presided today over the state opening of parliament.

During the occasion, It was observed that Parliament members of Ernest Koroma’s APC party drummed the desks shouting “MORE TIME” without a call for restraint from him.

And in what looked like a well-choreographed jamboree, youths clad in Tshirts with the inscription “MORE TIME” were around parliament and along some of the main streets of Freetown.

It is shocking that the President refused to make comment despite the loud rants and shouts.

“This is an injury to democracy”, Mohamed Bah, a citizen who witnessed the occasion told Sierraloaded.

It should be recalled that Sierraloaded published a report a week ago explaining that the Koroma third term tactical machinery has now turned to the voices of cheap civil society organizations to market the idea and need for establishment of the Koroma Monarchy in Sierra Leone.

According to reliable sources, President Koroma, knowing the implications, is not ready to declare his third term ambitions. Instead, he is paying several organisations and political groups to spearhead the “third term” campaign for him.

After a tragic failure in trials by the “after you na you” campaigns, the recent “more time” misgivings by the Presidential Youth Aid –Bai Mamoud Bangura is a clear indication of this.

What is sickening however in all of this is that President Koroma who is caught in middle of all this debate has refused to make public statement on the issue.

As more details unfold, Sierraloaded will keep you informed.