Media Monitor Volunteers of the Independent Media Commission (IMC) have raised hell over the Commission’s failure to pay them their stipends for about nine months now.


In an exclusive interview, some of the apparently aggrieved monitors anonymously told Global Times that the ugly situation has not gone down well with them as they and their family members are starving.

They stressed that the over-delayed payment of their stipends is dampening their enthusiasm to continue monitoring media houses and called on the commission to do all in its power to let them have their meager stipends, noting that not long ago, they reliably gathered that government gave subvention to the commission but wondered why they could not get their stipends from that subvention.

Responding to the unhealthy development, the Executive Secretary of IMC, Reverend Terrence Knox-Goba, admitted that, indeed, Monitors have not been paid their stipends for several months but blamed the unfortunate situation on government’s delay to pay subvention to the commission.

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The Executive Secretary, in a cell phone interview with the Global Times, agreed that government recently made a late subvention payment of 106 million Leones but that the payment of the subvention coincided with a time when the commission was about to be evicted from their offices on Siaka Stevens Street for failure to pay rent, so, they had to divert the subvention to payment of rent for the head office in Freetown and for the regional offices.

Reverend Goba called on the Monitors to remain patient, pledging that whenever the next subvention is paid they will surely get their stipends.