Sierra Leone’s Francis Munu is using two stolen range rover sport Jeeps stolen from USA and brought to Sierra Leone through Guinea, Conakry.

According to a source at the US embassy in Freetown, the Sierra Leone Police were alerted about the two stolen vehicles and when they arrived in Freetown, they were taken from the Guineans who brought them to Freetown for sale. Because the US embassy said they had no need for the vehicles, they were turned over to IGP Francis Munu for the Sierra Leone police to use as covert vehicles in operations.

Meanwhile, the UNDP in Freetown received a project documents from the Sierra Leone police asking for vehicles for the same use. The UNDP in Sierra Leone provided the funds thinking that IG Munu was going to buy two suitable vehicles for covert use by the police. The IGP supplied fake receipts to UNDP claiming that the two vehicles have been bought.

Right now, IGP Munu is using one of the vehicles with registration number SLP 001 and the other range rover sports Jeep is parked at his house. Sometimes he uses a private number to drive the other Jeep as his private jeep.

The purpose of asking for funds from UNDP has not been fulfilled but money collected. The US embassy gave or allowed the police to utilize the stolen vehicles for covert use.

So apart from his official black Jeep given to him by the government, he’s using two stolen Jeeps from the US and the police have no covert vehicles. This is Sierra Leone police under the Munku boys and girls.