Ibrahim Sorie Sumah Aka Bassia has declared his intention to run for member of Parliament in the fourth coming Presidential and Parliamentary Elections in Constituency 040, Bramaia Chiefdom Kambia district under the Alliance Democratic Party (ADP) ticket.


Ibrahim Sorie Sumah is a son of Soil who hails from Kambia District and has work relentlessly in the development of the district and Bramaia Chiefdom respectfully. He is a young man, a developmentalist and an advocate for human right and youth development. He also the Founder of Youth Transformation Network S/L a youth led organization that geared towards Empowering young people in discovering their talent towards National development, he has represent young people in many policy making fora that has to do with there welfare and development.

“The best way to serve God is to serve his people” say the astute Honourable to be Mr Sumah he further went on to say he is the fittest and most popular candidates to take up the task of representing his people in the house of Parliament.

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In responding to question on why he decided to run under the ADP party ticket., The no nonsense and Charismatic Honourable to be – Mr Ibrahim Sorie Sumah says the Alliance Democratic Party is the solution to Sierra Leone man made poverty & problem and it is now time that the people of Sierra Leone say No to APC and SLPP fail Leadership as they have failed the people of Sierra Leone. He further went to say he believes in the Ideology of the Umbrella – ADP party that is “opportunity for all and responsibility from all”, he appealed to the leadership and bigwigs of the ADP party to give him this opportunity to Salvage his people from hardship and unemployment.

He called the people of Sierra Leone Especially young people to embrace the ADP party and go out to register with the party and be part of the change that Sierra Leone seek.

In ending this interview he thank the party chairman and Leader who he refers to as the next president of the Republic of Sierra Leone ; Mr Mohamed K Mansaray for his relentless and tireless efforts for giving young people the opportunity to participate in politics and decision making of the party , he further went to say he is a God sent to Salvage The people of Sierra Leone from this failed APC Government.