On the 20th November 2015, the Secretary General of the Sierra Leone Athletics Association {SLAA} organized an elective congress without the consent of his Boss the Association President, the Sports Council and the National Olympic Committee.

Athletics In Sierra Leone

The Congress took place at the Hill Valley Hotel in Freetown. Before the election, the National Olympic Committee released a press release that they will not recognize an executive that is not elected through congress organized by the sitting executive.

Sundifu and his followers went on with the illegal election which the former Defense Minister of Sierra Leone Paolo Conteh emerged as the president of the Asociation.

Sundifu maintained the Secretary General position. Sundifu sent the minute of the election to the World Athletic governing body {IAAF} with the list of the new executive.

It was a slap on the face of the secretary as IAAF said they will not recognize their executive, instead the International Body gave mandate to the sitting executive to organize an elective on the 30th December 2015.

With the outcome of the whole issue, most people asked if it was a deliberate act for the Defense Minister to lead an illegal group to conduct election just to let him be the president of the association.

The world body criticised Sundifu for being unreasonable to go against an agreement which he wrote to inform IAAF about the postponing of the congress.

The International Athletics Association Federation {IAAF} outlined that they are aware of problems in Sierra Leone Athletics but it has always been through elections done by sitting executives.

Notwithstanding, IAAF said they will not interfere with any internal affairs of the local associations or Federations but will not recognized any election done by an outgoing executive.

They warned that if there is no elective congress assembly of the SLAA organized by the outgoing executive against the 30th December 2015, IAAF will consider that there is no genuine body governing athletics in Sierra Leone and that appropriate measures will be taken.

Due to the above letter, Paolo Conteh and his executive has been termed as illegal body.

Speaking to Sierraloaded, Sundifu said IAAF nullified the election because the incumbent President lied that he was humiliated by Paolo and his team.

Sources from the sitting executive stated that the 7 man appointed to verify delegates have completed their job and they are set to organized election AGAINST the 30th December 2015.