Hassan Sheriff a taxi driver in Freetown who claimed to be a supporter of the ruling All People’s Congress has confessed that he wishes Former United Nations Diplomat Alhaji Dr. Kandeh Yumkella was aspiring for Sierra Leone’s Presidency with the APC party ticket.


Sheriff said he is carefully following the current debate on the economic breakdown of the country which he said led to the President’s moves to cut down on public expenditure.

He said among all of those who have stated opinions on the issue, he is impressed with Dr. Yumkella’s position, that the president’s measures are in place, but the Auditor General’s office needs to put in more efforts in order to foster accountability and deter leakages in government’s finances.

The driver said this is what exactly should be done. According to him, President Koroma has a good heart and is determined to develop the country, but he is being undermined by his ministers and other officials of his government who he accused of only trying to enrich themselves.

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“I think if ‘Di Pa’ had got Yumkella as an adviser, instead of all these Men going home with millions of Leones and driving big jeeps in town as Presidential Advisers, we would not have been in this economic crisis, no matter what impact Ebola might have created in the country” he said.

He said from what he found out, all of those speaking on the issue are just blasting government, without any understanding of the issues.

I agreed with Dr. Yumkella’s suggestion that the Minister of Finance and the Bank Governor address the public on the issue, “because all those defending government are just taking politics instead of explaining the issues properly for us to understand what is happening” Sheriff noted, adding that he only came to have a clear idea of the situation, when Dr. Yumkella went on radio.

He went on to reveal that he had viewed several clips of Dr. Yumkella advising leaders in the world on how to manage their economy, create wealth and jobs for young people and how energy could be sustained.

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“Quite recently some passengers told me that countries in the Middle East are today having the fastest and steady growing economy in the world, as a result of their adherence to Dr. Yumkella’s advise” he said.

He said he has been wondering why Sierra Leone remains this poor, with such talented development expert in the world.

Nevertheless, he said he is pleased that he is now trying to succeed President Koroma. However, he said he is not satisfied as he wishes he was a member of his All People’s Congress Party.

He said nearly every passenger he drives speaks of Dr. Yumkella’s leadership qualities and how he is the fittest person for the Presidency of the country.

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As a result he emphasised that he will win the next elections of the country and his APC Party needs such man as Presidential Candidate for it is to continue staying in power.

He said Sierra Leoneans are no longer fools and that they will vote for a candidate they believe would bring development in the country. For this reason he said with Dr. Yumkella being President under the APC, the party would not just win the next election but also all the elections that would come after.

“People believe so much in him. That is why within just these few months he has become one of the most popular flagbearer candidates in the SLPP, with all the hold Maada Bio has on the Party, this man challenges his popularity strongly, now it is just Bio and Yumkella you hear of in the SLPP” he said.