The Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) aspirant for Constituency 001 in the Kailahun Districts, Madam Navo Kaikai has disclosed to Awoko that “I am sure of winning without any question, I am very confident …” “this is based on my handiwork”.

Navo Kaikai

Besides contesting on the SLPP ticket, Madam Kaikai disclosed that “I stand on another ticket of my role in promoting issues of women and girls in my constituency. I have been an inspiration to them and will continue in that direction”.

Navo Kaikai is contesting for the position along her female counter part from the All Peoples Congress (APC) Haja Nasaratu Jalloh Nee Ngobeh. How confident is Navo to clinch the seat, she disclosed said “my counterpart has not been present in that constituency and she can’t even vote because she is not registered here. Despite the fact that some members have ‘cross carpeted’ to another party, this constituency remains SLPP strong hold. She is not known even within her family.

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Secondly this is the 21st century and people are aware of every issue or the people who had helped them therefore they know that I have always been around for them and so I have their votes. I don’t know about her educational background but I believe that academically, I am highly educated as I am a Public Health Specialist who also did a post graduate in public administration”.

Demonstrating her strength within the SLPP, Navo Kaikai said “I am the most popular candidate who has been around for the past ten years and working in the interest of the party, six men even stepped down and threw their support behind me. This happened because I have all the qualities to clinch the seat. I have been with the party providing both moral and financial support whenever I am called upon”.

She added that “I have done a lot in my community, I have given assistance to schools, churches, mosques and even scholarships to children to further their education I have also rendered assistance to the Library. I contributed in the ebola fight even though I was out of the country I made contribution of food stuff to both the orphans and the disabled, also as a specialised nurse I used my nursing background to speak to people on infection control and how to minimise the infection and this I did through several phone-in programmes.”

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Explain her plans if she wins the election “the first and only thing now in my manifesto is that I need to create an adventure playing ground for the kids. These children are deprived especially the young kids, there is no area where they can play. This place will be like a dropping center and it will serve as early communication stage for these children. This is my passion and I will actualise it”.

Questioned whether she will withhold her support to the constituency if she loses the elections the SLPP Constituency 001 candidate said “I will never withhold my support from my people. Even the last time when I lost to Mrs Foyah I handed over everything I came with for a project to her even after that I have been highly involve in all elections and SLPP affairs.”