During his recent social mobilization and thank you tour in Kenema on Sunday November 22nd, 2015 President Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma said he will not contest any other election but emphasized that the implementation of development programmes in moving the nation forward and improve the lives of Sierra Leoneans will continue.


He made his intention of not contesting another election known to the people of Kenema and the east, whilst addressing a mammoth audience at the unfinished City Hall in Kenema.

President Koroma thanked the people of the Eastern Province for demonstrating high level of unity and discipline in combating the Ebola virus that claimed the lives of many Sierra Leoneans and leaving behind several orphans and widows in its wake.

He warned the people against complacency adding that Ebola prevention laws must continue to be maintained referencing Liberia that has got new infection cases.

The President said the country has finalized putting together a six -nine months Ebola recovery plan and another 24 months that will help address post Ebola issues in all affected districts and regions.

He underscored the crucial role Paramount Chiefs play in the implementation of the Recovery plan by providing oversight role to ensure that affected individuals and communities benefit from the process.

President Koroma also disclosed that it is part of his government development agenda to make energy and water facilities accessible to the people at all levels devoid of politics and in line with Vision 2035.

President Koroma assured the people of Kenema of better road network after seeing for himself the deplorable road network during his visit. He commended NGOs (both Local and International) for their contributions in the fight against Ebola.