Alfreda Yeama Cassell, who now nurses a suspected bullet wound on her calf, yesterday claimed that she was shot by a plain clothes bodyguard to one Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) flagbearer aspirant.


Following the adjournment of a court matter relating to the SLPP Lower Level elections, supporters who identified themselves as belonging to the ‘Pa-O-Pa’ camp within the party were holding up placards, one of which read “One SLPP, One NEC” outside the Freetown Court House along Siaka Stevens Street, while others were shouting “Kapen must go.”

It was during that incident that a gunshot was heard in front of the court building and some of the Pa-O-Pa supporters started shouting that someone had been shot in the leg.

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In an interview with the victim Alfreda Yeama Kassay, at the Connaught hospital, where she had just undergone an x-ray to determine the extent or nature of her injury she explained “I was crossing Siaka Stevens Street towards the NP fuel station when I heard Franklyn Rogers (an SLPP Flagbearer aspirant) asking a man crossing the street on the opposite side from me to protect him. I saw the man taking out a pistol from under his cloth and aim it at me.”


She went on “I heard the sound of the gun shot before I felt something hit my leg. I then shouted to my brother that I had been shot and he came and carried me to the hospital.”

Doctors could not confirm whether the wound was actually a gun shot wound as the injury was still being investigated. Eyewitness say Franklyn Rogers was being assaulted and was unsuccessfully trying to fight off his attackers.

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Alfreda, herself a die hard SLPP supporter maintained she was not involved in the attack on Franklyn Rogers.

The Head of Operations at the Freetown Central Police Station, Assistant Superintendent of Police Alhaji Musa Bangura, told journalists they are yet to receive any report or complain on the said issue of shooting but that they have one Larry Thomas in custody for carrying a knife during the fracas in front of the Law Court building.

Several efforts to get Franklyn Rogers own side of the story proved futile as his phone was switched off. We will however bring his own defence in subsequent editions.