Former United Nations Under-secretary General and Director General of the United Nations Industrial Organization Alhaji Dr. Kandeh Kolleh Yumkella has informed students of the University of Makeni how he left the United Nations to change Sierra Leone.


Dr. Yumkella who is currently contesting for the flag-bearer position of Sierra Leone People’s Party made this disclosure while delivering a public lecture on Post 2015 transformation in Sierra Leone.

He informed the students that he was enjoying a fantastic work experience in the United Nations for over twenty years. He said before his UN job he was lecturing Development and Agro-business at Michigan State University, USA.

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For this reason Dr. Yumkella said he found it wise to return to his Mother Land Sierra Leone to contribute to the country’s transformation process.

He emphasized that in order for the transformation to take effect in the country, the political narratives should be changed, which according to him makes good leadership.

“If you do not have good leadership in this school, this school will not be the best. If you do not have good leadership in your business, it will be destroyed and you will owe the banks and you will be taken to jail” Dr. Yumkella maintained, adding that it is the same with governance.
He further revealed that if a country does not have the leadership that understands the delicate connections between inter-sectorial linkages and that of policies, the country will not be advanced.

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“When you do that in deals to get quick returns today, you will destroy the future” Dr. Yumkella noted to the students, thereby informing them of how knowledgeable he is to take Sierra Leone further into sustainable development if given a chance to lead the country.
He stated that in sustainable development, growth can be achieved and at the same time preserve for the future generation.

Hence he retreated the reason why he came back from the United Nations, which is to change the political narrative of the country in the interest of the citizenry.

He encouraged the students to start debating on state policies and stop being influenced by the monies politicians give to them, emphasizing that they need good jobs when they graduate from the university.

Dr. Yumkella said, to him becoming the President of Sierra Leone is not a do or die venture, what he said is he said is principal to him is to change the mindset of the populace which automatically changes the country’s political narratives.

He boasted to the students how he has got most youths in the country to ask politicians the right questions, and challenge state authorities on what is development, since he returned in the last ten months.

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He called on students not to downgrade education which he described as a perfect liberator, he reminded them that when they left university they will be competing with students of other countries for international jobs.

He said when factors are established in the country, the employers ask for skills and not their names, for this reason inspired them to always rise up against those who ridicule quality education and professionalism, noting to the students that they are destroying their children’s children future, with words like “All tem e tok say e get PHD, all tem e tok but how e wok nar UN”. [By Uncle Dez]