Mohamed Sheriff, Managing Director for the Sierra Leone Cables Limited (SALCAB) was on Wednesday 25th November 2015 arrested and placed under police custody at the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) headquarters for ordering a gang of youth to remove the National Revenue Authority (NRA) seal.


The NRA officials headed by the Corporate Unit were on the streets of Freetown to force tax defaulting entities to pay their taxes when they sealed the main gate leading to the technical building of SALCAB at Lumley Road in Freetown since it owes the NRA a whopping sum of Le 489M from custom duties.

The action of the NRA came about after the Commissioner General; Haja Kallah Kamara ordered the closure of all companies including SALCAB that have refused to honor their tax obligations.

SALCAB is a government entity charged with the responsibility of manning the fiber optic project sponsored by the World Bank, but this project seems to be receiving bottle necks of late.

Mohamed Sheriff, who happens to be the Managing Director, was not present when NRA officials arrived at the office to close down the two buildings but was informed by one of his ‘boys’. On his arrival at the office, he uttered all sorts of unprintable words against NRA officials to the extent of ordering his boys to remove the NRA seal from the gate which they did.

He went on boasting that he has over three hundred million dollars ($300M) in his personal account and ready to pay any charges levied against him.

Onlookers at the scene said this is not the first time Mohamed Sheriff is displaying such attitude boasting of his political connection.
Other places the NRA officials closed down were the Infinity Trading Company that owes NRA Le256M, the Ess Bee International at Siaka Stevens Street has to pay 50M customs duty.

In a brief interview with Mohamed Bangura, head of Corporate Affairs, he said the NRA is disappointed over the behavior of the SALCAB Managing Director who should be in a position to educate people about the need to pay their tax. Mohamed continued that if a government official in the rank of Managing Director could exhibit such a behavior in public, then there is every need for the law to take its course.

Mohamed said that would send a message to others that NRA this time would not compromise with any institution be it government or private owned.

He confirmed that NRA has already made a report to the police against Mohamed Sheriff who is in custody helping the police with their investigation as at press time.