Amidst controversies trailing around the hooks and crooks of Sierra Leone over a Lebanon waste deal approval by the Sierra Leone government, more facts has emerged on the case.


Sierra Leoneans home and abroad were gripped with shock following a Newspaper report published in Lebanon on Saturday, 9th January 2016, about an alleged agreement between the governments of Sierra Leone and Lebanon, for the importation and dumping of Lebanese domestic and industrial waste into Sierra Leone.

According to reports, the agreement has been approved by State House in Freetown and awaiting endorsement by parliament.

The report further confirmed that an official of the Koroma government has signed an agreement on behalf of State house for the Lebanese rubbish to be shipped to Freetown, where it will be processed and disposed of.

While questions is still wailing through the tongue of many concerned Sierra Leoneans on the government official responsible for this national mess, a Facebook post by Umaru Fofona confirmed former a Presidential adviser negotiated the deal.

According to Umaru Fofana, “IB Kargbo said that all he did was to provide guidelines to them, a few days ago, since they’d said they wanted to set up a fertilizer plant using local waste and trash brought in from Lebanon.”

“He insisted that he made it clear to them that no toxic waste would be allowed in and that the line ministries and ultimately the president would be responsible for the final approval. He said he even discussed the matter with Vice President Victor Foh., Umaru Fofona wrote further in his Facebook post.

For many Social media commenters, Alhaji I.B. Kargbo is granting exclusive interviews to Umaru Fofana to help spin him out of the quicksand he is sinking in.

The State House, in it’s press release yesterday had debunked the agreement stating that “Government is fully aware of the danger posed by hazardous and non – hazardous waste”

“His Excellency the president has instructed the office of national security and the Sierra Leone police to conduct criminal investigations into the circumstances surrounding this matter, and the public will be apprised of the outcome.”, the Press release assured.

Meanwhile, the controversial letter sent to Lebanon has been brought to limelight.


The Letter show’s the State’s house letter head with I.B Kargbo’s signature signed on the 7th of January 2016.

Will the government of Sierra Leone make good on its promise to conduct a thorough investigation into this affair; publish its findings and bring those responsible to justice? Food for thought!