Hon. Foday Rado Yokie of consistuency 068 Bo district has said that he is waiting for the proposed Minister of information, Mohamed Bangura in Parliament.

Mohamed Bangura Campaign

Hon Yokie made this statement while contributing to the approval of eight presidential nominees with the exception of Dr Christiana Thorpe proposed Deputy Minister of Education which is unavoidable on an assignment to South Africa.

Mohamed Bangura appointed Minister of Information and Communication was also conspicuously absent despite he was expected to be among list of first batch of interviewees to be approved.

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At his vetting, Mohamed Bangura was demoralized over his educational qualification, as the citation in his degree was incorrect and he himself was unable to defend his CV.

Prior to his interview there where protests as to the point that he contested an elections for presidency and thus his appointment was a violation but this was cleared as it was clarified in Parliament that Mohamed Bangura did not only decline to contest the election but the petition against him claiming that he contested a ‘presidential general election’ where misleading according to the Committee on Appointments and the Public Service on the grounds that the law bars people that have contested general elections unlike presidential election.

Hon. Rado Yokie further confirmed in the well of parliament that the Ambassador to China Hon Alimamy Philip Koroma is a potential flag bearer for the APC because he has delivered to this nation.

“If you see the roads are paved is the help of the presidential nominee when he was minister of works and infrastructure,” he said.

He went on to say that Dr. Slyvia Blyden should work for the betterment of the ministry of social welfare gender and children affairs and the nation and avoid pettiness.

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According to him, the Minister of Youths Affairs Bai Mahmoud Bangura have the support of the youths as the same support was also given to Hon. Alimamy P Koroma but that now they are saying crucified him. Hon Komba Eric Keodoyoma of consistuency 027 Kono district and member of the appointment committee said the nominees have passed the test and that they should now work for the country.

Hon. Edward Stile Jengo 083 Moyamba district said parliament should not approve Dr Blyden.

Hon Dickson Rogers said most of the nominees have failed the nation and advised the nominee going to the Ministry of Tourism to use his international influence in the said ministry and encouraged the youth affairs minister to bring more development in the ministry.