I am Ambassador Umaru Bundu Wurie (Photo), affectionately and widely known as “Bond Wurie”. I grew up in a working class family in Gbinti, a small town in the Dibia Chiefdom of Port Loko District in northern Sierra Leone.


I graduated from Bo School, in the south of the country. With humility, yet with rugged determination and clear intention, I will be running for the leadership of the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP), our nation’s proud Grand Old Party of “One Country, One People” fame and glory.

I am asking for your support of my candidacy, which, if successful, will then accord me with the privilege and lifetime opportunity to be the SLPP candidate for the Presidency of our beloved Republic in the elections of 2018.

I am currently a Grand Chief Patron of the Party, and have been fully active since 1996.

I am proud to present myself to you and the nation. My campaign will be enlightened, thorough and responsible, and will address the many years of our country’s neglect, decline and lack of competitiveness, relative to other African countries and the world in general.

I will identify and address the myriad of problems, constraints and general lack of perceptive and visionary governance that has kept our people in abject poverty and suffering for years.

It is my hope and request, that throughout the course of my campaign you will join me in my determination to achieve the meaningful reforms that will ensure the resurgence and reclamation of our country’s once lofty fame and glory.

As President, my government will work for all Sierra Leoneans, not against any. It shall create opportunity not just for those with money and influence, but for each and every Sierra Leonean who is willing to work for their own betterment, and that of their nation.

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